underwater EVA adhesive pellet making machine

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there are two style of machines: single screw extruder style and parallel twin screw extruder
Our machine feature: the final pellet is even, stable production, easy operation
It is widely used for different formula

  • AFD75, AFD65;AFS120; AFS150,AFS180

EVA adhesiv  pellet making machine is one kind of Under water die-face-cut pelletizing machine.

For EVA hot melt glue pellet compounding; The final pellets like beans.

EVA hot melt granular underwater pelletizing machine

standard specification of AFD70

AF-72 EVA underwater pelletizing machine configuration and specification:

1. Dosing feeder: one set

Motor power: 1.5kw (AC). Speed regulation system adopts ‘ABB’ inverter.

The horizontal style agitator ensures a steady continual adding material, feeding material, no bridge.


2. AF-72Twin-screw extruder: one set


Type: Co-rotary twin-screw type

Screw dia: 72mm, L/D=36/1

Material: M6Mo5Cr4V2

Treatment: Regulated, nitrified, hardness HRC60-64


Characteristics: Combination of reducer system and torque distributing system. High torque


Barrel type: air exhausted type

Material: M6Mo5Cr4V2

Cooling style: cycling-water cooling.

Vacuum degassing unit: one set

Degassing hole: one set

Vacuum pump power: 2.2kw

Extrusion capacity: 300-500kg/hr

Driver power: 110kw

Control style: frequency conversion

Electric heater: first zone and second zone and the die are equipped with cast copper heaters. Power: 5kw/section. The rest are cast aluminum heaters with power 3kw/section.


3. Underwater cutting unit and mould: one set

Motor power: 3.7kw

Control type: frequency conversion

Cutting blade: 3pcs

Mould material: Tungsten

Cutting chamber: one set

With hot water return system, and with side view window.


4. Vertical dewater unit: one set

Control power: 7.5KW

With hot water tank, water level control. Heating power: 7.5kw

Water pump: 1.5kw

Connection pipes: one set



Power supply: 3 phase 380V 50HZ

Machine size about: 9m*3*2m

Power consumption about: 150kw actual consumption: 90kw/hr


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