colorful PP ribbon film machine

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PP ribbon film machine
The ribbon film made by our machine is famous for shining, even thickness, light weight, and high output.
The line speed is 30-50meters/minute. It is about 120-150kg/hr
Film thickness range: 0.09-0.2mm; the width: up to client requirement.
We have mature technology of this machine. We can supply turn-key project. We can off you the know-how.
in 2017, we have shipped 4 sets of this type of machines to our clients; and there is one ready machine and two sets of machines are on manufacturing. If you have an interest, please come over and have a look.

  • AF120-1000
  • total power about 220KW; power consumption: 130kw/hr

PP ribbon film machine is featured with its shining, high quality ribbon film and its high-output.

We can provide customized machines: width, capacity at request of client. 

Generally the standard machine width is 900-1200mm; thickness range is 0.09mm to 0.2mm. 

The line speed is 30-50meters/minute; The output is 120-160kg/hr.

The main raw material of this PP ribbon film is PP, LDPE, pigment powder and foam agent. We can provide basic formula to you once you buy machine from us.

If you need more information, please contact us. 

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