Under Water Die-Face-Cut Pelletizing Machine

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  • AFD75, AFD65;AFS120; AFS150,AFS180

Under water die-face-cut pelletizing machine is our independent innovation, developed by ourselves, specifically for high viscosity elastic,Low temperature easy foaming poor flowability raw materials granulation. It breaks through the traditional way of conventional strand pelletizing. Improve production defects of elastomer material instability, uneven particles,easy knot and low output. This new model featured with a high productivity, low energy consumption, particles are uniformly strong, stable quality, easy operation.

Main application: Suitable for EVA, TPU and other elastomer materials and high viscosity materials, but also suitable for PP, PE, ABS, PA, PC and other common materials, such as hot melt glue.

Now the most popular applications: 

  1. for sole use EVA+foam agent compounding, the final pellet is solid; it will expand when it is put into EVA sole making machine or EVA foam sheet making machine.

  2. For EVA hot melt glue pellet compounding; The final pellets like beans.


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