Three-Layer Cast Film Co-Extrusion Machine

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Advanced structure of whole line assures stable and high-speed extrusion of cast film.Professional design of screw guarantee sufficient plasticization and stable extrusion of material.Effective width of die can be made up to 5000mm, adjust die-lip manually / automatically, multi-channel , and multi

layer co-extrusion, which fit for the co-extrusion of many kinds material.Precise and reasonable design of calendar, which guarantee precise surface Temp. of roller.

We can provide many types of winder according to diffirent requirements of the customer's material. dopts special main extruder , can be applicable for the 

Manufacturing: P/PE cast film(CPP)/(CPE) , EVOH/PA package and obstruct film , Sanitary film,Embossing and patterned film, stretch film,adhesive film,protection film.


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