The melt blown fabrics made by our machine are 95+

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Melt blown fabric is key important material for masks. We have a lot of experience. 

There is a client in Dongguan city named: litao filtering material company, who bought their first machine in 2008, second machine in 2018, and third machine at beginning of 2020. 

We also have cooperated with EG company in USA supplied one set of double M fabric machine to a Chinese stated own company in 2018 and we obtain their second order this year as well.
Now there are over 15 melt blown machines put into production in our new clients factory in China. Their fabrics are in good quality. BFE is ovr 99%, PFE is over 95% tested under 85L. Please check the testing labels as below:


Some clients can make PFE 99% FABRIC. 

The machine is very stable and running smoothly.


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