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Monolayer and multilayer co-extruded cast film extruder

◎ advanced line structure to ensure high-speed stability of the cast film production.

◎ professional screw design to ensure that the material is fully plasticized extrusion stability.

◎ die finite width of up to 5000, auto / manual adjust the die lip, multi-flow channel co-extruded composite cast, multi-layer co-extruded composite distributor, for a variety of constituent materials co-extruded composite extrusion.

◎ precision rational cast roller design to ensure the most sophisticated roll surface temperature.

Automatically / manually adjust the die lip, according to the different needs of customers and materials, we can design multi-flow channel co-extruded composite cast, multi-layer co-extruded composite dispenser, suitable for a variety of constituent materials co-extruded composite extrusion. Winding mode offers a variety of special configuration of the host can be used in a variety of products.

Monolayer and multilayer co-extruded cast film extruder

 advanced line structure to ensure high-speed stability of the cast film production.

 professional screw design to ensure that the material is fully plasticized extrusion stability.

 die finite width of up to 5000, auto / manual adjust the die lip, multi-flow channel co-extruded compositecast, multi-layer co-extruded composite distributor, for a variety of constituent materials co-extrudedcomposite extrusion.

 precision rational cast roller design to ensure the most sophisticated roll surface temperature.

Automatically / manually adjust the die lip, according to the different needs of customers and materials,we can design multi-flow channel co-extruded composite cast, multi-layer co-extruded compositedispenser, suitable for a variety of constituent materials co-extruded composite extrusion. Winding modeoffers a variety of special configuration of the host can be used in a variety of products.
TUP film products:
1, TPU film: The film series is divided into polyester (ESTER) film and polyether (ETHER). Polyester filmhas better heat resistance and chemical solvents, good air tightness, the processing is simple and easy,widely used to replace the PVC film products for various purposes. Polyether film has better hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance, good antibacterial and antifungal, and is ideal for water sports products and medical products.
2, the waterproof and moisture permeable membrane (permeable membrane): waterproof and breathable membrane with high permeability and high water, composite processing with a variety offabrics made from high quality windbreaker, snow suits, raincoats, gloves, hats, etc., greatly enhance theadded value of the fabric.
3, high-strength TPU compound fabric: TPU film and fabric online cast and special lamination technologyprocessing, high peel strength, impact resistance and oppression of the posterior pole of the high-frequency welding, suitable working conditions more demanding environment.
4, the hot melt adhesive film: hot melt adhesive film of different materials can take advantage of hot meltconvenient then any material, processing environment clean. Mount and the lining of the PE film hot melt adhesive film launch.




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