Plastic Rattan Extruder

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plastic rattan machine
plastic wicker machine
material: HDPE, PP, PVC

  • AF5530
  • yaoan

We successfully developed the plastic rattan extruder in China market since 1990. Our company has a lot of customer in China market, such as Dongguan Rongtai Company, Shunde Baiming Company, Shunde Junhui Company, Shunde Yijunxiong Company, Zhongshan Kangwei Company, Nanhai Huaxing Company, Jiangmen Jialibao Pompany,Taizhou Dong * Group Company, Taizhou Donghai Group, Hangzhou Zhenfeng Company, Hangzhou Hongda Company, Yuyao Shanjiu Company, Yuyao Jinmen Company, Yuyao Yongqing Company and so on. Our company has supplied the good quality complete lines of the plastic artificial rattan extruders to the well-known enterprises.

The Plastic Artificial Rattan Extrusion line has series extruders, single color, two color, tricolor, four color, five color and etc.  And manufacture high speed imitate rattan extruder of high performance according international market requirement. Special designed screw and barrel can produce products in good quality at a high speed; can be available for customer's special requirement. The extruder equipped with corresponding moulds can produce all kinds of plastic imitate rattan stripsheet. it is widely used for chairteapoybasketwoven handicraftfurniture and so on.


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