Plastic Optical Fiber Extrusion Line

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PMMA,PC, PS plastic optical fiber extrusion line 's function is to make plastic optical fiber that consists of core layer of  PMMAPC or PS and surface layer of PVDF of a low refraction index.

Features of machine:

1.  two extruder co-extrusion coating.

2those key parts as screw, barrel, Ti-die for PVDF are made of special steel with a strong resistance of corruption.

3It is featured with excellent plasticization , stable extrusion; the line is under PLC control that enable easy operation.

4single piece ,double piece or multi-piece optical fiber extrusion are available at client's request.

5the line should work in a clean, temperature controlled, enclosed workshop

Features of PMMA optical fiber:

Big section of core layer, flexibility, easy connection; light weight; cheap price; wide band of transition and so on.

Single core or multi-core plastic optical fiber, coated with PVC or PVDF layer as sheaths; is as the media of optical transmission.

Applications of PMMA optical fiber:

It has an enormous potential market in those fields: Broadband access network system, smart home network systems, data communication systems, intelligent systems, industrial control systems, as well as textiles, lighting, solar energy utilization systems.


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