PP melt blown non-Woven Fabric Extrusion Machine

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melt blown fabric machine
PP Melt blown fabric is one kind of non woven fabric.
The process is material feeding- extruder- polymer filter-melt brown head- hot air blowing- web former- winder
We adopt latest new technology to make melt blown fabrics.

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Since our research-development department of Non-woven fabric plant was established in 1990, we have obtained a strong technical base and development capacity after over 10 years experience and exploration; It enables us to supply various models of melt-blown non-woven fabric machines, double beam melt blown non-woven fabric machines, SMS lines. Thanks for the cooperation with world famous manufacturers of final products, our technology gains a lot of remarkable improvements.

ModelAF-1000AF-1600 AF-2400 AF-3200
Screw diaΦ90mm Φ135mm Φ150mm Φ170mm
Effective width(mm)10001600 2400 3200


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