PP melt blown fabric machine

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MELT BLOWN FABRIC machine is used to make PP melt fabrics those are widely used for mask, air filter, oil absorbing. It has a widely application.
Our have technology to ensure the melt blown fabric to reach N-95 standard.
The machine can reach 200 GSM, it is can be used for oil absorb use.
Capacity of AF 90-1600 melt blown non woven fabric machine is 1-1.5 TONS/DAY
MACHINE CAN RUN 24 hours/day. It needs to change the spinneret board every 15 days.

  • AF90-1600; AF135-2400; AF150-3200

PP melt blown fabric machine is one of our mature products.

It consists of material handling and feeding device; extruder, screen changer, melt pump, extruder, melt blown die and spinneret boards, hot oven, blower, web forming unit, statics storage treatment unit, winder

now MASK use melt blown fabric is demanded very much. We recommend client to buy AF90-1600 MELT BLOWN FABRIC MACHINE from us. The delivery time is 75 days.

Please check the specification of AF90-1600






1. Total installation: 450kw

2. Consumption: 220-280kw/hr

3. Linear speed: 4-20m/min

4. Width of finished product after slit: 1600mm

5. Prodcut weight: 8-150gsm

6. Fibre: 2-5um

7. CV: below 4%

8. Winding roll: 800mm max

9. Machine capacity: about 330T/ year

10.          Machine dimension: 25000mm*5000mm*4200mm (L*W*H)

11.          Labor requirement: 2 shafts, 3 workers per shaft, technician: 2, assitant worker: 1

12.          Processed material: PP pellets,      MFI>1200


.Detailed specifications: 


1. Loading system and mixing system: 1 set

Vacuum Autoloader: 1 set ( 3kw )


2. Φ90 extruder: 1 set

*  Gearbox: one set

n  The body of the gearbox is made from cast steel. The teeth deal with grinding and peeling eventually, which provides damping, antifriction, low-noise, long using period etc. characteristics.  

*  The screw  

n  Screw diameter: 90mm

n  L/D: 30: 1

n  Screw structure: special (application for PP pellets)

n  Material: high quality nitride steel-38CrMoAIA

n  Nitration depth: 0.3-0.6mm, hardness 740HV,fragility is 2 grades.

*  Barrels:

n  Material: high quality nitride steel-38CrMoAIA

n  Nitration depth: 0.4-0.7mm, hardness 940HV,fragility is 2 grades.

n  The heater are of Ceramic type. Every electric heater has a specially designed tunnel for radiating.

n  The fans are featured with low lose and high effectiveness.   

n  Main extruder heating zone: 6 zones

n  Heater power: 4.5kw / zone

n  Cooling style: 3 zones

n  Wind cooling power: 180w/ zone  

*  Main motor power: 45kw

*  frequency conversion control (ABB INVERTER)

*  Temperature controllers are of Japanese Omron.

*  Control cabinet: one set


3. Double cylindrical continuous melt filter: 1 set

*  Control style: hydraulic control  

*  Control power: 1.5kw  

*  Diameter of hydraulic cylinder: 100mm

*  Hydraulic power station: one set    


4. Metering pump: 1 set   

*  Flow capacity: 50 CC  

*  Rated power: 5.5kw

*  Control style: frequency conversion ( ABB INVERTER)

*  Pressure control system: Dynisco  (World brand)


5. Melt blown Die: 1 set

Width of Mould/Die:1700mm   


6. Spinneret Board:  2 setsChinese brand

*  Spinneret board adopts special alloy steel, and nitration treatment.

*  Effective width of board: 1700mm

*  Diameter of hole:0.3mm        diatance of hole:0.6mm.

*  air chamber body: 1  

*  circular air chamber: 1

*  air press board: 2 pcs

*  air press board stand: 2 pcs

*  heating elements : one set


7. Air heating tank: 1 set 

*  high effective stainless steel type

*  highest temp.: 350 degree

*  flow: 40m3/min

*  heating power: 200kw


8. hot air blower: 1 set

*  Rated Power: 55kw

*  Controlled style: frequency conversion( ABB INVERTER)


9. Negative Pressure Device: 1 set

*  Rated Power: 30kw

*  Control style: frequency conversion(ABB INVERTER)


10.Web belt conveyer machine: one set

Rated power:7.5kw  

control style: frequency conversion(ABB INVERTER) 

   Convey belt: 2 pcs   width:1800mm   

   Air suction blower: one set

   Motor power: 55kw


11. Friction winder: 1 set

*  Friction roll:1 PC ( steel roll)

*  Roll diameter: 420mm 

*  Length of roll: 1800mm

*  Treatment: mirror& polishing treatment

*  Control power: 4kw

*  Control style: frequency conversion(ABB INVERTER)   

*   Winding speed:5-100m/min            Max. winding size:600mm  


12. Electric control system: one set

    SIEMEN PLC control panel with one control cabinet


13. Calcining furnace: one set

*  heating power: 18kw


14 .Ultrasonic cleaning machine: one set

*  power: 3kw


15. 20KW air conditioner: one set   


 16. 200kgs mixer: 1 set



Section 2 for option:

 Second stage Negative Pressure Device: one set

1.1    Water treatment tower: one set

1.2    Water Purify device: one set

1.3water air separator: 2 units

1.4compression pump (Italian brand): one

1.5 Belt water tank:1 set

1.6 Unreeling unit(pay-off unit): one set

1.7 20meter long dying oven: one set

1.8water spray system: one set

1.9sliting machine: one set

1.10electrical control system: one set


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