PP Bale Strap Extruder

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PP bale strap machine
Our standard PP bale strap machine is of two cavity style. It can extrude 2 pcs of bale straps at one time.
Now we adopts oven stretch system which can ensure the line speed to be 120 meters/minute.
The Max. designed mechanical speed is 150 meters/minute. The suitable width: 5-12mm; 9-19mm, thickness range: 0.5mm to 2mm
Besides single color PP bale strap machine, we also have 2 color style or co-extrusion style extrusion machines.
Beside the two cavity style machine, we also have 3 cavity style, 4 cavity style and 6 cavity style machine



The equipment adopts different configuration and techinics, can procduce PP bale strap. We have two configurations for selection: one for one piece of strap and the other for double straps. We can insure the linear speed, precision and smooth running, Inkwriter picks out and buys.


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