PET Bale Strap Extrusion Line

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PET bale strap, also known as plastic steel belt, is a new type environment-friendly packaging aterial, which can instead of the widely used steel belt. It has big strength, toughness and no rust characteristics, and can be used in steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingot industry, paper industry, brick kiln industry, tobacco industry, electronic industry, textile industry and other fields.

Raw material: 100% PET bottle flakes as well as PET virgin resin. It is necessary to dehumidify and dry raw material before extruding to meet the plastic processing requirements.

Extruder: Co-rotation parallel twin screw extruder or efficient single screw extruder, featured with a good plasticizing and a high out-put .

Screen changer and high temperature melt metering pump: using a double column screen changer, which can realize non-stop screen changing. The high temperature melt metering pump can ensure a stable extrusion process.

Production steps: raw martial drying——extrusion——cooling——heating——stretching——embossing——heat annealing——winding

Features: good plasticizing, running stably and high capacity. Whole line, PLC control, Easy operation.

There are one strap style; two straps style; 3 straps style, 4 strap style machines for customer choice.


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