Optical Fiber Coating Machine; Optical Fiber Sleeve Pipe Machine, optical fiber sheath machine

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It is used to make a PVC sleeve pipe or PE sleeve pipe on the single strand of PMMA optical fiber or multi-strands of optical fibers.
It is very smooth and easy to operate this machine and make a sheath layer with even thickness on the fibers.
The line speed is 50-100 meters/minute


Optical fiber is very widely used in a lot of fields. 

Please note the optical fiber coating machine is used to make a sleeve pipe or sneath layer on the clear optical fiber. 

it consits of the un-reel stand of optical fibers, optical fiber guider, extruder, cross-die head, water tanks, haul-off unit, haul-off unit, counter and a winder.

The machine line speed is 20-100meters/minute

The sneath layer raw material is PVC or PE.


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