Non-Woven Fabric Laminating Machin

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Application:This machine is suitable for all kinds of materials composite in packing industry, such as plastic - plastic composite, paper - plastic composite, paper - paper composite and aluminum foil composite etc.


1, Glue coating and laminating are using different motors, dual-frequency synchronous speed control, replace traditional shaft transmission structure.

2, Material goes smoothly to achieve synchronization line speed.

3, Oven used bridge structure, three individual temperature heating system sections.

4, Glue coating and laminating are using pneumatic pressure roller.

5, Scraper and extrusion, two methods of glue coating, according to different process technology, it can be chosen freely.

6, Winding and rewinding are magnetic tension control.

7, Segmented temperature control systems control the temperature in the best condition.

8, First rewinder use automatic correction system.

9, Second rewinder use double shaft rewinding system.


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