New Type 3 color Yarn Braided Pipe Machine, high quality garden hose extrusion machine

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new type yarn braided pipe machine is featured by its high output, easy operation and good quality product. The line speed can be 25 meters/minute; The two layers of plastic and yarn net are combined well and stick each other well; the yarn net is very even.

  • YB-55; YB-65; YB-80, YB-90

NEW TYPE PVC braided pipe machine  can be widely to make multicolor yarn braided pipes those can be used for high pressure gas pipe, agriculture irigation pipe, shower pipes, garden pipes. 

The roundness of the pipe is very good, the yarn net is braided evenly. 

the standard machine consists of : two sets of main extruders; color line extruders, two sets of water tank, two sets of haul-off unit, two sets of die heads; one sets of oven, one sets of yarn braider

We also can provide customized machines according to client's requirement or their design.


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