Large Caliber PE Water、Gas Pipe Extrusion Line

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YAOAN's series pipe extruder machine:large caliber HDPE water pipe and gas pipe extrusion product line、HDPE silicone pipe extrusion production line、PP-R cold-hot water pipe、PE-RT heat resistance pipe extrusion product line, the max diameter can reach 1000mm.

After over ten years constantly experience cumulating and valuable advice of customers,the structure and technology of all the equipment has became more reasonable and mature.

High efficiency single screw extruder:high rotation speed, high capacity and good compounding effect ensures stable extrusion.

Extruding die:it adopts latest designed die head with spiral distributing flow channel, built-in Temp.control device which make extrusion more  evenly and regulution more conveniently.

Vacuum calibration and spraying cooling trough: advanced water loop vacuum calibration, equipped with adjusting device for roundness and multi-section 6m spraying water tank, ensure perfect calibration; the body of tank is made of stainless steel.

Haul off unit: can select 2 claw、4 claw、6 claw、8 claw haul off unit to satisfy manufacturing requirements for different pipes.

Cutting unit: base on different reuirements,we can adopt saw cutting、planet saw cutting and chip-free rotary knife cutting etc.

Control system: all kinds of control system is available, such as PLC automatic control system, make operation easily and smoothly.      


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