Environmental Protection and Energy-Saving Water Soluble Casting Film Production Line

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PVA water soluble film machine
PVA FILM has a very wide applications: embroidery base material, water soluble printing film;
Production steps: PVA is soluble with additives; then store for several hours then pva PASTE goes into the extruder, then comes out of the T-die then making film
The film thickness range: 20Micron-100micron


Water soluble casting film production line

Environmental protection and energy-saving water soluble casting film production line is independent researched and developed by ourselves, which can produce biodegradable environmental protection film; It broke through the old manufacturing process to make film by steel belt which has low output capacity, product unstable quality, high power consumption and cost. Our new technology adopts mixing tank, exhaust tank, slow stirred tank, melt material storage device, casting device, drying forming device and haul off & winding device; The feature is that drying forming device closed to the casting film forming device is a set of mutually adjacent upper side forwardly  (the direction of melt material flow) rotary roller & special designed mould, external heating system, together with special & reasonable production method, PLC program automatically controlled to complete. Machine featured with highly automatic control, easy operation, high line speed, even thickness, high accuracy, good transparency & glossiness, and quality stable. Our machine has obtained the patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Environmental protection features of water soluble film:

Water soluble film is a new type of green environmental protection material, widely used; It's a high technological content and high value added product, whether raw material selection, or processing and final consumption, it is no and will not release any poisonous or harmful thing, is beneficial to environmental protection and green consumption, and belongs to environmentally friendly products, has a good application prospect. Water soluble film has been included in China's plastic packaging materials, "Thirteen five-year” development plan.

1.Film width: 800-1200mm

2.Film thickness: 0.03-0.07mm

3.Ductility rate: 10-600%

4.Tearing strength: 30-100kg/cm

5.Sealing strength: 50kg/m

6.PH: 6-8

7.5 days biological oxygen consumption: <1%       

8.Min water content<5%

9.Steam transmittance100%

10.Heavy metal content<10ppm

11.SafetyLD50>10000/mgkgˉ¹no stimulation

12.Stability>60,14 day


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