Double Beams (SS)PP Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric Production Line

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SS PP spunbonded non-woven fabric production line is using PP granules as main material, it consists of automatic feeding system, melt extrusion spinning system (including single screw extruder, melt pump, filters, spinning chamber, spinneret board, melt pipe etc), cold stretching system(including side blowing unit, stretching unit, air channels, and vacuum suction blowers), web forming machine, calender (thermal bonding machine), slitting and winding machine, air conditioning and refrigeration system, automatic control system and other components.

Our double beams spunbonded non-woven fabric production line adopts foreign advanced technology and experience, easy operation, fully automation, PLC touch screen control, good quality final product, high speed and high output. Equipment is generally 1.6 m wide, 2.4 m wide, or 3.2 m wide, can also be customized according to customer specific requirements.

Application fields: Medical and health: Operation suit, anti-exposure suit, cap, respirator, massage cloth, adhesive tape etc.

Agricultural: Cover for plant to anti-frost , insect-frost, insect-resistant sunshades , awning clothes, packing bags for crops etc.

Industry: Interior decoration for car, train and ship ; back fabric for man-made carpets , etc.

Packing and lining: Bags for business suit, shopping bags, present bags, dust cover, sleeping bag for children, wardrobe, shoes lining, sofa lining, car and household decoration, water shield, filtering material, fabric for roadbed and dam etc.


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