Degradable Starch Sheet Machine

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wood powder: 30-70% , or caco3 power
suitable plastic: PP,PE
Board thickness: 0.3-3mm
board width: 1000-2000mm
Consist machines: high speed mixer -conveyor-extruder- filter-melt pump-t-die- stack roll table, non woven fabric pay-off stand, adhesive film pay-off stand--cooling stand -haul-off unit, trim unit, two station winder


degrable startch sheet machine

Consisting parts:

high speed mixer

spiral feeder

twin screw extruder 

hydraulic screen changer

melt pump 


calander roll stack

non woven fabric pay-off stand

adhesive film pay-off stand 

cooling stand

thin sheet trim unit

haul-off unit 

two station winder

If the client doesnot like high speed mixer, it is possible to use side feeder to feed wood powder. Gravity dose feeder is available.


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