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Conical Twin-Screw Profile Extrusion Line


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Conical twin-screw abnormal profile extruder lines re configured with corresponding mould accessorial device , can be used for PVC abnormal profile extrusion forming processing .

Rigid PVC abnormal profile extruder line type: AFF150AFF300AFF400AFF1000AFF1200

The characteristic of conical twin screw extruder :

Special screw design, short plasticizing time, good compounding and plasticizing effect.

Adopts high quality gear box, with nice outside, running stability, low noise.

The barrel adopts ceramic heater, wind cooling system ,has good performance of heating,cooling and precise temperature controlling .

The screw adopts core temperature controller system.

It adopts vacuum degassing system, which can get rid of the waste gas,water from melt materials, in order to upgrade the  products'quality .

The main motor adopt silicon D.C speed regulator or inverter,which provides stability torque output,various speed regulation.

It's suitable for thermal sensitivity PVC powder .




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