2 mould style two color PC led light tube machine

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Co-extrusion LED light diffuser profile machine
It can used for one mould co-extrusion or two mold style co-extrusion. The difference is the mould.
If the Channel with PCB holder is enclosed. We prefer to use two mould style co-extrusion. Because the the 2 color led light diffuser is enclosed and the channel with PCB holder is enclosed. So the vacuum force cannot affect the PCB holder and the PCB holder will deform at its gravity.
The advantage: the PCB holder is more process and the production speed is more faster than single mould style machine.

  • AF50&45
  • yaoan

co-extrusion PC led light diffuser profile machine

(CO-EXTRUSION PC LED LIGHT TUBE machine; C0-extrusion led lamp shade diffuser profile machine

It consists two sets of extruders, extrusion mould and calibration mould , haul-off unit and cutter.

machine advantage:

  1. product is more precise

  2. machine can run 24 hours without break. because of our screw material and special design, there is no black points come out during production

  3. machine is durable and easy maitenance

Now there are over 20 clients in India using our machines; We also have clients in Thailand, Vietnam, Brasil, Iran, Ukraine, Poland


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