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2-5 Layers Co-extrusion Sheet Machine Used for PC Luggage Case& High Grade Music Instrument Case


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plastic trolley luggage suitcases are very popular, almost prevail over the fabric trolley luggage suitcases.
The PC suitcases or ABS suitcases are very popular.
this machines are suitable for Multilayer PC sheets or ABS SHEET OR ABS with PC film lamination machine.

Multi-layer PC sheet machine

sheet width: 600-1000mm

sheet thickness: 1.2mm-3.5mm

Sheet structure: AB OR ABC OR ABCB

avaible sheet: PC sheet, PC sheet with lamination film, ABS sheet with PC film lamination; ABS sheet, PP SHEET, PS SHEET

Sheet capacity: about 3000pcs of PC sheets/day


PC Dehumidifier

color mixer or color dose feeder

air compressor

remind: The sheets should be put into dehumifying room or be thermoformed within 24 hours after the sheet production.

our history:

we has manufactured first luggage purpose PC sheet machine in 2001. It was made for daycrown; Now there are over 60 luggage makers using our machines, such as DAYCROWN(10 sets of PC luggage sheet machines from us), BINGHAO( 6 sets of PC luggage sheet machine from us), SUMMIT( 10sets of PC luggage sheet machines from us); Ambassoder; DIPLOMAT( 2 sets of PC luggage sheet machines from us), YINGZHUO group( 6 sets of PC luggage sheet machines), MEM, FAREAST AND SO ON; Indian trolley luggage mker Safri has over 2 sets  of 3 LAYER PC luggage sheet machines and 2 sets of rotary style thermoforming machines from us. In Oct.2017, they placed an order for 3rd PC luggage sheet machine and 3rd thermforming machines





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